COMPANIES Andrews Laser Works

Products & Services

Andrews Laser Works specializes in the fabrication of complex assemblies from Inconel®, steel, and titanium sheet with a core competency in aero engine brackets and components. Our most common bracket size range is 4" - 14", but we manufacture both much smaller and much larger parts. Our key product lines include;

  • Brackets
  • Clips
  • Straps
  • Hinges
  • Retainers

Andrews Laser Works’ systems and processes have evolved to meet the unique needs of the aero engine market, giving it the agility to respond to build schedule changes, rapid prototyping and first article requests, and compressed lead times – all while maintaining consistently superior quality and delivery performance.

Andrews Laser Works also takes pride in supporting our customers’ value engineering initiatives and has been recognized by GE with a “Cost Management Supplier of the Year Award.”