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About Us

One Stop Solutions Since 1959

Jet Processing has been providing one stop solutions for chemical processing, surface treatments, testing, and assembly of precision metal components since 1959. We welcome the opportunity to become a valued member of your production team. Please contact us to request a quote and to learn how we can help grow your business by satisfying all of your special process treatment needs.

Multiple Capabilities add Value

Our comprehensive range of treatments and processes include NDT, Anodizing, Chemical Conversion Coatings, Passivation, Solid Film Lubricant, Painting, Pressure Testing, and Assembly Services. Also part marking enables us to reduce our customer’s cost and add value to the products, providing reduced lead times and rapid turnaround.

Visit our product literature to find PCC's comprehensive cababilities in metal finishing. We work together to provide you with the best solution.

New Technology

Our commitment to continuous improvement in our quest for perfection is refected in our investment in a state-of-the-art facility and equipment. This commitment helps to ensure a quality product, on time, at a competitive price, regardless of the project scale or schedule.

Customer Service every step of the way

Our dedicated customer service representatives are here to support you, from the quoting stage to shipping of the finished product. Whether providing a progress report, answering technical questions or a fulfilling a special request, we are here to ensure your total satisfaction.

Please visit our Capabilities and Quality pages for more information. 


PCC acquired Jet Processing with Noranco in July, 2015.