COMPANIES Jet Processing


Jet offers a comprehensive range of treatments and processes including: 

Chemical Processing

Anodize on Aluminum Alloys

    • Chomic Acid-Type
      • Class 1 (Neutral Color)
      • Class 2 (Black,Blue, Brown, Green, Gold, Red Violet, Grey Teal)
    • Sulfuric Acid-Type II
      • Class 1 (Neutral Color)
      • Class 2 (Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Gold, Red, Violet, Grey, Teal)
    • Hard Anodize Type III
      • Class 1 (Neutral Color)
      • Class 2 (Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Gold, Red, Violet, Grey, Teal)
      • Teflon Impregnation
  • Conversion Coating Aluminum Alloys
      • Class 1A             Hexavalent Type 1
      • Class 3               Trivalent Type II
  • Passivation of Stainless Steels
      • Type II- Nitric/Sodium Dichromate
      • Type VI- Nitric Acid
      • Type VIII- Nitric Acid
  • Conventional Spray Painting
      • Epoxy & Urethane Primers
      • Epoxy & Urethane Top Coats
      • Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC)
      • Lacquers
      • High Temperature Enamels
      • Marking Paints and Dyes 
      • Silk Screen Printing
  • Dry Film Lubricants

    Teflon Dispersion Coating

  • Pressure Flush

    Impregnation of Castings

Lab Services

Corrosion Resistance

    • Water Immersion
    • Salt Fog
    • Copper Sulfate

Taber Abrasion Resistance
Coating Weight
Coeficient of Friction
Solution Analysis
Millipore Inspection
Electrical Resistance of Conversion Coatings

 Non Destructive Testing
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspect (LPI)
  • Magnetic Particle Inspect (MPI)
  • Pressure Test
  • Impregnation 


Jet offers added value by providing a large variety of hardware assembly, and part marking services. Among the many assembly services we provide are, installation of helical thread inserts, Pins, Plugs, Studs, Bearings, Bushings, Rivets, etc.