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Noranco Leading Gear Systems

Avionics/Sheet Metal

Noranco Inc. has extensive experience working with all types of Aerospace sheet metals from Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless, Inconel, and Mumetal to Copper and Brass. Our integrated capabilities include forming, hot joggling, embossing and extrusion, MIG and TIG welding, torch brazing, soldering, and aerospace aluminum spot welding and assembly. Value engineering and integrated supply chain management are part of our core service offering. Find out more

Aero Structures

Noranco Inc. aero structure capabilities include the manufacturing of complex 6 axis parts (Ti, Steel, AL) multi length stringers and air frame extrusions. Our world class forming and hot joggling are considered core competencies within the aero structure operations. Find out more

Aero Engine Components

Noranco Deer Valley Division manufactures metalic structure in support of engine and auxillary power unit line replaceable units such as fuel pump housings, air intake manifolds, and engine casings.With close proximity to the Noranco Jet Processing Division, Noranco can supply integrated build-to-print solutions for both commercial and military applications. Find out more

Aircraft Sub-Assemblies

Noranco performs integrated manufacturing over a wide variety of sub-assembly work, from simple hardware installation and riveting to complex sheet metal and machined part assembly and testing. Noranco provides complex stringers to support critical wing box assemblies. Find out more

Landing Gear Systems

Noranco Inc specializes in the engineering support and manufacture of landing gear system components. Our capabilities include value engineering and precision manufacture of landing gear yokes, axles, actuators, cylinders, pistons and pins. We provide integrated and value added services in the areas of assembly, testing, multi-component kitting, and supply chain management. Find out more