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StratoFlight, located in an 85,000 square foot facility in Santa Ana, California, offers our customers precision machining, assembly and kitting capabilities. Small to large volume production runs are welcome and readily accommodated.

StratoFlight is a long-time, proven supplier to Alenia, Boeing (Military and Commercial), Gulfstream, KAI, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Sonaca, Spirit AeroSystems, the US Government, and other customers.

StratoFlight performs 3, 4, and 5-axis machining of flight-safety-critical medium to complex machined parts from aluminum and hard metals. Part envelopes from 6 inches to 20 feet long and up to 5 feet wide are routinely manufactured. 

Part of Synchronous Aerospace Group, StratoFlight was acquired by PCC in November, 2012.


  • 3, 4 & 5 axis flight-safety-critical, medium to complex machined parts, from 6 inches to 20 feet in length and up to 5 feet in width
  • Extended length parts to 50 feet long, machined on our long bed gantries
  • Soft & hard aerospace alloys including aluminum, Inconel®, stainless steel, titanium
  • Small to large structural components and fittings
  • Hardware installation
  • Assembly and kitting in our dedicated assembly center

Products & Services

  • Wing Ribs & Spars
  • Machined Skins & Panel Assemblies
  • Frames & Bulkheads
  • Diffusers & Diverters
  • Brackets & Fittings
  • Floor Beams & Seat Track Assemblies
  • Trunnions
  • Spoiler Hinges
  • Junction Boxes
  • Helicopter Lag Link Assemblies
  • Machined Castings & Forgings

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2331 Pullman Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705

T:  949-623-3120
F:  949-623-3121

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