Complex Assemblies

PCC Aerostructures is one of the largest build-to-print manufacturers of complex structural and mechanical assemblies in the Aerospace Industry.

As a vertically integrated operator of manufacturing clusters spread across North America, Europe, and Asia, PCC Aerostructures offers comprehensive, multi-site solutions to meet the needs of each program from startup through maturity. The scale and scope of our operations in combination with our worldwide supplier network allow us to provide kits with over 1200 pieces and to deliver complex assemblies directly to final assembly lines.

Complex Assemblies Include:

  • Passenger Entry and Exit Doors and Door Surrounds
  • Door Hinge Assemblies
  • APU Inlet Assemblies
  • Pylon Subassemblies
  • Engine Hanger Links
  • Wing Leading and Trailing Edge Ribs
  • Aileron and Flap Ribs
  • Spoilers
  • Main Flap Supports, Flap Carriages, and Flap Kits
  • Wing-to-Body Frame Assemblies
  • Elevator and Rudder Controls
  • Final Assembly Line Kitting
  • Equipped Landing Gear Beams